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markeux RT @whykidscried: "He cried because I wouldn't let him touch the syrup". - Emerson, TN http://t.co/gbK19MwDFa
markeux RT @markhoppus: This is the real deal: Blink-182's Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker Blast 'Ungrateful' Tom DeLonge | Rolling Stone http://t.co/ue
markeux RT @markhoppus: blink-182 life. For life.
markeux RT @antijokeapple: fun drinking game: take a shot of water every couple hours to make sure you’re healthy and hydrated
markeux RT @YouChoices: What would you pick? http://t.co/4a3dhQ5NSJ
markeux I'm not sure who .@PaulMcCartney is but .@rihanna is really going to help him get his foot in the door as a famous musician.#FourFiveSeconds
markeux @fouryearstrong the demo version of heroes!
markeux Come out and support your favorite local pop punk band Under Dog House tonight at the Door! .@MSTomahawks http://t.co/eptC74xj07
markeux RT @BURLYRECORDS: Come out and support your favorite local pop punk band Under Dog House tonight at the Door! The #burlyboys will... http:/…
markeux .@markhoppus golf cart door*
markeux RT @HR_Habits: Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others. - John Maxwell | #quote #l
markeux RT @Males_Thoughts: wtf why aren't these guys wearing glasses? http://t.co/h3oieZWblA
markeux RT @antijokeapple: mood: i need money
markeux RT @mikeziemer: How cool would it be to have @deepellumbrewco at SBSW instead of #basic beers?
markeux RT @whykidscried: "I said that her sweater looked so soft and comfy." - Kara, California http://t.co/SvZeMq2fHM
markeux “@FoodPorn: Let’s get loaded! #FoodPorn Loaded Buffalo Chicken Nachos http://t.co/ZLfpPr7qPO http://t.co/ObmTVJeIcM” @jacquelinemm11
markeux RT @MSTomahawks: #Musicians! Expose your music to new listeners! Submit your music to @MSTomahawks today!
markeux RT @griffinrswanson: I'm so happy I bought these new pants http://t.co/GHFB6QVMll
markeux RT @MSTomahawks: We just recorded the best episode of @MSTomahawks to date. Prepare your butts.
markeux @MSTomahawks @MonkeyShoulder3 omg so good. You need to hire me as a scotch consultant.
markeux Drinking a cold pint of .@deepellumbrewco ipa on my patio and smoking pork in this great weather. Dallas owns brew. Memphis owns Q!#BBQ#beer
markeux 🎶 we didn't start the fire🎶 Nope I DID. #COOKING #BBQ FOR MAH PEEPS. http://t.co/U5MOfP4PbK
markeux RT @PositiveMinds__: Exactly. Don't stress it. http://t.co/Vi7VyfL1dv
markeux RT @whymykidcried: "I wouldn't buy her the “dolly” movie for Christmas" http://t.co/7MaTO9QuML
markeux RT @MikeAL4W: What do you call sandwich meat with no friends? Balonely. Thanks folks I'll be here all week.
markeux RT @MSTomahawks: #musicians get more #listeners when they get played on @MSTomahawks . Submit your mp3s today!
markeux RT @MSTomahawks: #Houston tomahawkers! Go see a pretty, pretty good little show! - http://t.co/y73HNg5yF0
markeux RT @BURLYRECORDS: If you find yourself in Houston next weekend.. go rock out with Bornand Raised from #burlycomp01... http://t.co/qSxwgVpkCs
markeux .@BLABBERMOUTHNET uh get it right idiot. He was in @blink182. NOT @soundgarden
markeux “@MSTomahawks: Quite a coincidence @MillerLite , snowflakes are made of water too #ItsMillerTime2015” consider yourself DISSED!
markeux RT @MeninistTweetss: Cowboys fans said don't blame the refs last week Don't blame them this week either then.
markeux RT @KVillains: Hot off the presses! We're recording a new song and making a new #musicvideo in March! More details soon!
markeux .@BLABBERMOUTHNET "Holy Diver" is definitely Devo's best song
markeux We all got that one friend who simply retarded 😂 I took this from LMAO and I DONT GIVE A FUUCK !™ https://t.co/fPMOIiSt9p
markeux Just made a beautiful pot of chili. #welcomewinter
markeux RT @BURLYRECORDS: Come out and show the #BurlyCrew and Broken Silence some support this weekend at the curtain club! http://t.co/Qz4a10eLCo
markeux Even though it's hard MOST of the time, the people make it worth going back. I love my team. Even the extended ones. #heresto2015 #artisfun
markeux 🎶Back to shkool. Back to shkool. To prove to my....🎶 ...ahh forget it. #vacationisoverprobz
markeux RT @ItsAwesomeIdea: Life becomes easier when you delete the unnecessary people from it.
markeux RT @CuteEmergency: RT if this dog has better hair than you. http://t.co/Dsfn7NlwM0
markeux RT @BURLYRECORDS: Check out our new BitDazzle shop, We now support bitcoins! http://t.co/9B0pZvv7Cj
markeux RT @louisianatravel: Heads or tails ... Crawfish!! Click to learn how to boil 'em and eat 'em: http://t.co/ngmRf9Poki http://t.co/ZLywIuE570
markeux RT @AHSFX: Tonight, Party like a freak star! Have a safe and happy new year. #AmericanHorrorStory http://t.co/tPu5kg9r2H