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markeux RT @TGarcia3380: You cannot hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life.
markeux RT @HR_Habits: Pull a string and it'll follow wherever you wish. Push it and it'll go nowhere at all. - Dwight D. Eisenhower | #quote #lead
markeux RT @BURLYRECORDS: Added a new video: "Lover" http://t.co/vh2F51oQwh #video
markeux RT @BURLYRECORDS: Added a new video: "Lightning" http://t.co/6fE35XbFOu #video
markeux RT @BURLYRECORDS: Added a new video: "Change the World (Flip the Scale)" http://t.co/2AlKNLGQ1t #video
markeux @altonbrown or? That's like saying salt OR pepper Also simple potatoes are best. leave the bacon and cheese for the salad. #nomnomnom
markeux RT @markhoppus: Remember that one time I was on a magazine cover with Beyoncé and Britney Spears and Aaron Carter and JC Chasez? http://t.c…
markeux @MSTomahawks oh... Mine is http://t.co/tOoBjIZnQY. I'll change that right away. Sorry about that. :p
markeux RT @tayloragee: Brace yourselves. It's about to be all Apple, all day.
markeux RT @Eating: retweet if these pancakes are sexier than you http://t.co/bQ5AERgTym
markeux RT @BURLYRECORDS: Our good friends and #BurlyComp01 alma maters in Broken Silence will be opening up for Saliva next month! Show... http://…
markeux Craving cherry tomatoes. #weirdcraving
markeux Apparently the enterprise is passing rain over dallas. #livewetandprosper http://t.co/jR0KAtpbka
markeux RT @BURLYRECORDS: #BURLYRECORDS is pleased to announce its partnership with Lewallens Luthier Customs! Their custom guitars are... http://t…
markeux RT @BURLYRECORDS: PLEASE check out our friends at men seeking tomahawks. They've featured 2 #BURLYRECORDS artists so far and as... http://t…
markeux RT @ILLUMlNATI: Over thinking kills your happiness.
markeux RT @BURLYRECORDS: .@MSTomahawks .@QuintinMusic thanks for all the support. Just sent some mojo your way via Facebook and twitter. <3
markeux RT @BURLYRECORDS: BIG ANNOUNCEMENT TOMORROW! I'm not going to say it's not a new #burlyrecords sponsor....but it might not also might not b…
markeux I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/nVidk9eSI4 Goodbye Monroe 757 to Jersey
markeux RT @Males_Thoughts: Pumpkin spice lattes are back. As a result, 3 out of 4 white girls in America are literally dying because they can't ev…
markeux RT @MSTomahawks: Ep 16 out now, feat @BURLYRECORDS artist @QuintinMusic , bluegrass from TEXAS SKY, and jazz from BRIAN CLANCY! https://t.c…
markeux #bbqtime!!! Gonna be a grrrrrrreat day! http://t.co/u1iQxrNjdw
markeux So excited for #LaborDayWeekend / #birthdaybash tomorrow. Gonna throw down with friends and fam. Ready for my #memphisstyle #BBQ
markeux RT @MSTomahawks: We are giving away free everything at our live remote broadcast tonight starting at 8pm at @RustyTacoDenton! @freefoodatUN
markeux RT @Snoopy: Happy Weekend! ☀️ http://t.co/NzXQM2hMqy
markeux RT @Snoopy: Thought of the day. 🍪 http://t.co/Z3CgWVIS8G
markeux RT @MSTomahawks: I'll send him cheesy movies. The worst we can find. #mst3k
markeux RT @GoodlifeDepot: I want to live in Bora Bora! 🙌 http://t.co/5TUIcolVcS
markeux .@MSTomahawks #Cheers friends. Great show! :)
markeux RT @MSTomahawks: Episode 15, the @PodcastMovement recap featuring @dmfranks is up! +Music from Kimberlite, @FloydKellyMusic , and @BURLYREC
markeux RT @ILLUMlNATI: Overthinking is the biggest cause of our unhappiness. Keep yourself occupied. Keep your mind off things that dont help you.…
markeux RT @markhoppus: its want be the same if your not their.
markeux RT @FunnyViness: MY WHOLE LIFE IS A LIE https://t.co/OOP5aVgT9I
markeux “@ChappeIIeShow: How white people pose for the camera after they catch a fish http://t.co/EcedkxZayh” @theycallmetim87
markeux @BLABBERMOUTHNET not sure if ALL THE SMALL THINGS or FIRST DATE is my favorite song by them. Glad to see .@tomdelonge back at it!
markeux RT @ayylmao: relationship goals http://t.co/cxIKAas7O3
markeux @BLABBERMOUTHNET did they play All the small things. That's my fav song by them @blink182
markeux @varsity_nic #theworkisworthit my parents pushed me to get there. While tough, I did it. And I thank them for it. #eaglescout #proud
markeux @BLABBERMOUTHNET @theycallmetim87 my FAVORITE blink 182 song!