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markeux @fouryearstrong @HTLband @HeyitsFCC @Lightyouupband this same tour in US plzzzzz
markeux RT @JoshOsgoodMusic: MARCH 14th catch me and my friends Underdog House at this rockin show. 3 stages @ The Door & The… https://t.co/Kd5S5ja
markeux RT @BURLYRECORDS: You guys don't want to miss this! http://t.co/8EgoA2lnCn
markeux RT @YuhhTube: IM WEAK BRUH 😂😭 http://t.co/1JF03OYK2U
markeux My house is wayyyyyy too quiet. Like awkward serenity. I don't like it. #yodeling
markeux @markeux: Checkin that #esop account every day for changes. Come on March!! 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰 #becauseESOP #OCD #retirement
markeux I wish I had someone to write music with. It's hard trying to do it by yourself. Kinda over the "solo project" thing. #trying #music
markeux @iliveindallas you should check out @BURLYRECORDS and @MSTomahawks They're basically ok. Kinda.
markeux Hi kids! Todays lesson is brought to you by the letter.. MAKE SURE YOU DONT MISS YOUR FLU SHOT AND END UP LAID UP FOR A WEEK! #winterprobs
markeux @MSTomahawks @StoneBrewingCo I HAVE THAT MIXING GLASS!! #copybeaver
markeux @musiciansfriend @MFdeals any chance you can make me a hellacious deal on a Marshall dsl100 half stack? What's your bottom dollar? #please!!
markeux RT @ILLUMlNATI: Don't let idiots ruin your day.
markeux Let's make snow angels! "Yeah! " *murders snowmen*
markeux .@brandnewrockfan .@simplemindmusic would have been better as just a remix with Jesse's voice. Great track otherwise.
markeux @htlnick @HTLband that riff tho...
markeux It's going to be Drizzy outside. Expect a Lil Wayne.
markeux Houston bound. Feet don't fail me now.
markeux RT @SixSecondCov: When the beat drops 🐹 https://t.co/WvFz0aZCkV
markeux RT @MSTomahawks: Thank god for my local news, otherwise how would one know there's ice on things
markeux @kittehpsycho but you're not trying to get homie.
markeux .@pizzahut I wish a pizza place with good tasting pizza like .@dominos would run a contest like this. #shotsfired #pizzawars2k15 #dominos
markeux What's....updog?
markeux RT @BURLYRECORDS: #BurlyComp02 coming soon.. Shoutout to Madi Davis for getting it done in the studio! #newmusic http://t.co/li2twNVXdd
markeux RT @MSTomahawks: Donate your car to @MSTomahawks We'll put racing stripes on it and sell it for twice it's worth #profit
markeux RT @roxanamjones: “Big jobs usually go to the men who prove their ability to outgrow small ones.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson via @T_Harv_Eker
markeux @deepellumbrewco so excited to try the "old fashioned" inspired brew! Let me know when it's coming and I'll be there! Ask AJ.
markeux RT @FunnyViness: When your parents are calling you from the other room and don't hear you reply https://t.co/f9L3ABxW9y
markeux RT @MSTomahawks: Put Men Seeking Tomahawks in your life. http://t.co/u5GeB6AW4E
markeux Live a life you're proud of. #markeux
markeux RT @FunnyViness: Bruh I wasn't expecting that http://t.co/LVmsLaqqo4
markeux .@twitter .@Support I EXTREMELY dislike the new way to close photos. Please make it an option to revert. It used to be so easy to pop out.
markeux RT @antijokeapple: My reservation for Valentine's Day is ready http://t.co/o4aMtznJuu
markeux RT @MSTomahawks: Men Seeking Tomahawks needs a theme song.
markeux Back in the studio working on my OWN music for the first time in a long time. #feelsgood #MusicMonday #markeux http://t.co/DLIYZMYSjA
markeux RT @antijokeapple: It's always so sad when you see somebody eating alone http://t.co/QEEH2v9n9X
markeux .@alanXday shure *
markeux RT @altonbrown: Coolest concept we've seen on the road in a while. Order Avocado grilled cheese. #ABRoadEatsFtMyers #AltonBrownLive http://…