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markeux Ok, soooo. I'm only on g of "the abc's of death 2" on #Netflix. It might be the best film I have ever encountered. #brilliant #art #realart
markeux RT @ILLUMlNATI: Apologizing doesn't always mean you're wrong and the other person is right. It means you value your relationship more than …
markeux “@tacobell: Biscuits at the Bell. New Chicken #BiscuitTaco. http://t.co/jXaUMYTMMc#gamechanger
markeux This Year's Pin Show to Strut Down Its Biggest Runway Yet http://t.co/4Y57bq8Ij3 So proud of @elleluxx!
markeux RT @MSTomahawks: We're seeking local artists to showcase on Men Seeking Tomahawks. How's about a RT @tweetgrubes ? http://t.co/XT3aOJV9c0
markeux #ConspiracyTheories #ESOP might just be the best and most elaborate #AprilFools joke ever.
markeux RT @BURLYRECORDS: Kelly Vaughn straight repping his #burlygear! See folks it looks even better in person! Shoot us a pic of you... http:…
markeux "Gimme foo gimme fah gimme zeba jena zah. Oh." #bestmetallicalyrics #inspirationalsonglyrics .@Metallica
markeux RT @BURLYRECORDS: The new single is spreading like an infection! Go grab it on iTunes today!!... http://t.co/0IvcnxsrNb
markeux RT @BURLYRECORDS: Under Dog House - Shakusky Flew the Coop: https://t.co/Z7vuGZ9WTW via @YouTube
markeux RT @WorIdStarVidz: His laugh has me in tears 😂💀 http://t.co/YTRMf3BUo8
markeux “@MSTomahawks: Submit your #music to be featured on the show #exposure #indiemusic” it works!!
markeux Getting these 4 albums on vinyl in my mailbox today! #classic #addiction @brandnewrock @TBSOfficial @MotionCityMusic http://t.co/sL3aYlMJj6
markeux RT @BURLYRECORDS: Happy St. Paddy's day from Burly Records! Before you get too drunk on green beer, go listen to and BUY Under Dog... http:…
markeux RT @thedailymeal: This Machine 3-D Prints Pancakes into Literally Any Shape You Want http://t.co/KEGXwTO0Vt http://t.co/Znq7U86skA
markeux RT @BURLYRECORDS: Only one more day folks! We're super excited for everyone to hear the new single. In honor of the single dropping... http…
markeux One of the greatest feelings everrrrrrr http://t.co/17p9xYKEO5
markeux RT @antijokeapple: i was cursed with expensive taste and a low budget
markeux Hey lush. Have fun. It's the weekend.
markeux 300? Might as well be FREEhundred, Am I right?
markeux More like LOST Angeles, Am I right??
markeux @brandnewrock From @BrandNewArchive ALERT Deja Entendu vinyl preorder up on Merch Direct Does NOT appear to be RSD version. @brandnewrockfan
markeux @brandnewrock is it the #rsd15 version. There are rumors it isn't.
markeux RT @BURLYRECORDS: It's Friday everyone! How can that get any better?! Well we are VERY VERY pleased to officially announce that... http://t…
markeux RT @codesforguys: When you realize it's Friday.. https://t.co/FUj2L7WCyg
markeux RT @BURLYRECORDS: Cody from Under Dog House straight repping his #burlygear! http://t.co/Iri43zeuDA
markeux @altonbrown Hi Mr. Brown. I design #bowties. You should buy this one from me... It's my newest. http://t.co/V33Hr1nXJM
markeux RT @HR_Habits: Life's hard. It's even harder when you're stupid. - John Wayne | #quote
markeux RT @BURLYRECORDS: Last day of mixing on the next Burly Records release. Believe us folks... This one's a doozy! We've had a great... http:/…
markeux RT @BURLYRECORDS: New limited edition short run shirt available at our merch site! Head on over to http://t.co/yCoCcCQTxE... http://t.co/WN
markeux @fouryearstrong @HTLband @HeyitsFCC @Lightyouupband this same tour in US plzzzzz
markeux RT @JoshOsgoodMusic: MARCH 14th catch me and my friends Underdog House at this rockin show. 3 stages @ The Door & The… https://t.co/Kd5S5ja
markeux RT @BURLYRECORDS: You guys don't want to miss this! http://t.co/8EgoA2lnCn
markeux RT @YuhhTube: IM WEAK BRUH 😂😭 http://t.co/1JF03OYK2U
markeux My house is wayyyyyy too quiet. Like awkward serenity. I don't like it. #yodeling
markeux @markeux: Checkin that #esop account every day for changes. Come on March!! 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰 #becauseESOP #OCD #retirement
markeux I wish I had someone to write music with. It's hard trying to do it by yourself. Kinda over the "solo project" thing. #trying #music
markeux @iliveindallas you should check out @BURLYRECORDS and @MSTomahawks They're basically ok. Kinda.
markeux Hi kids! Todays lesson is brought to you by the letter.. MAKE SURE YOU DONT MISS YOUR FLU SHOT AND END UP LAID UP FOR A WEEK! #winterprobs
markeux @MSTomahawks @StoneBrewingCo I HAVE THAT MIXING GLASS!! #copybeaver
markeux @musiciansfriend @MFdeals any chance you can make me a hellacious deal on a Marshall dsl100 half stack? What's your bottom dollar? #please!!